Thursday, February 14, 2008

mlm yg indah kni sudah gelap

its V (valentine) day! now 11.43pm, 14 Feb 2008.
stlle with myspce. now,turn blog plak. tday,school. as usual laa. ohh && biase laa. tday kn Vlentne's day kn, so ade laa yg mne sibuk2 smbut with bg presnts smue. ehehe.expecially, syaza's group.. they g clebrte every year. every year they will exchange presents. aahaha. seriously sgt2 cute. we all pon nk bwt mcm tuh jgk tp,mcm our group terlalu rmai laa.&& no time. smue BZ. duhhh! haha. && ade yg sibuk dgn cupcakes. hahaha. i mean CUPLOVES. hhaha. thts it laaa fr V day. ok,like usual,my actvt fr tday,school,tuition ptg,tuition mlm,hw. duh! jp! while typing ,i heard bunyi mcm bunge api. xkn bunge api fr V day kot? naaaaaaaah! whtever laa. tmoro go to school as usual. tmoro ade bm,LK,add maths && est jee. bm bljr. LK x. add math fr s ngan sure bljr && est xkn bljr pnye cz ckgu syed bz ngan preparation fr sukan. ohh ya! our SUKAN this SUNDAY! & MONDAY we all HOLIDAY! ;D gumbira rasa hatiku. ;p haha.. && esok ade raptai perbarisan. thank GOD x msuk perbarisan. ohh! pity to the juniors. hehe. pns terik laa korang. jgn smpai ade yg pengsan2 tau. haiyooo. tired laa...nk tdo. && katil dh mcm memanggil manggil. ok,slmt mlm semua. taking cre. tata. mwahx! wink*

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