Saturday, April 19, 2008

yesterday never die

it was saturday,yesterday. wake up at 11.00 am. ;D its schll hlday! thts the rght time to wke up late!

about 2.00pm,went to ELYNA's hse to sttle up our LK's project yg x siap2 lg until nw.

*hrror* need to submit by ths mnday. =O we plnned to damansara tday. wtch mvie at cineleisure 'over her dead body'..

lst night,went to kuala selangor. the orang2 kampong mke farewell fr my father. and sadly tht when mkn time, our tble mknn not served. so, we 'the anak2' need to bgun & ambek mknn sendri dkt luar. huh. lame service! whtva izit, reached hme at 1.00am. and goodnght! =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bandung with family

2nd day at Bandung!
wake up at 8am and terus shopping!
cme bck at 10pm. tired but fun! ;D

3rd day at Bandung!
wake up at the same time,8am. ;D

went to Tangkuban Parahu. plce where ade volcano tuh. sgt sejuk and cool!
best sgt serious tk tpu. ;D then we went fr shopping! ;D
cme bck at tired but fun alsoo!! ;D

4th day at Bandung!
wake up at 9.30 am. ;D
flight to Malaysia at 1.30pm. ;D

so,11.30 dah pegi airport and check in. sampai Malaysia pula pkul 4.30pm.
tired seriously! but,puas for the shopping part. ;D


mee bandung! sirap bandung! Bandung!

I went to Bandung,Indonesia last week. went there for 4 days and 3 night. its fun! shopping!
well,flight to Bandung at 11.30am on 10th of April.

*wake up and get ready to the airport about 7.30 am because need to check in 1 hours before. so,kena laa siap and pegi pagi2. still sleepy.

reach there,after check 11.00 my brother ajak beratur dulu. because ktorang naik air asia then seat plak free seated. so,sape cepat,die dpt!! ;DD

suddenly,pkul 11.20am, ade announce thtour flight delayed to 2.30pm. huh!
buat penat jee ktorang bratur. dh laa dpt line 1st plak tuh. lps tuh,ktorang pon terpakse laa tggu smpai 2.30. about 1.00pm, tetbe ade annouce 'penumpang2 QZ 5793 ke Bandung indonesia sila bratur untuk mendapatkan makanan di kaunter'...huh!! dah laa yg dorang kate ke kaunter tuh lambat....and we all semua dah berlari nk beratur igtkn our flight dh ready. huh! rupenye mknn! and air asia bg mkn NASI LEMAK.

about 2.oo,sddnly ade annouce said tht flight ktorang delayed lg ke pkul 4.30pm. huh!
bout 3.00pm,dorang bg mkn MCD plakkk!! ;DD

then pkul 4.oo,we all pnye flight delayed to 7.30pm.. huh!!. ;( damn tired! bout 11 hours ktorang kne delayed. arghhhhhhhhhhh!!! at 8.00pm kapal terbang pown berlepas and smpai pkul 10.00pm.
kesimpulannye, my flight frm 11.30am turns to 7.30pm.11 hours!

Monday, April 7, 2008

well im bck!

BANGKOK! went to bangkok on 17-19 march. it was last month. my first time went there. i learn some their words. there,Bangkok known as 'krunkep' . this is some of their words

* kau - nasi
* kau! - lutut

* o'o' - gadis

* e'e' - makcik

* hongnam - toilet

* namron - air panas.

there is sme pic when i was there. ;D
will updates my blog later.
knda busy with some stuff.