Saturday, April 19, 2008

yesterday never die

it was saturday,yesterday. wake up at 11.00 am. ;D its schll hlday! thts the rght time to wke up late!

about 2.00pm,went to ELYNA's hse to sttle up our LK's project yg x siap2 lg until nw.

*hrror* need to submit by ths mnday. =O we plnned to damansara tday. wtch mvie at cineleisure 'over her dead body'..

lst night,went to kuala selangor. the orang2 kampong mke farewell fr my father. and sadly tht when mkn time, our tble mknn not served. so, we 'the anak2' need to bgun & ambek mknn sendri dkt luar. huh. lame service! whtva izit, reached hme at 1.00am. and goodnght! =)